Voilá, here is the English version of our site that introduces our multicultural cybergypsy band to you. Unfortunately, it is best to read it in Hungarian, for our mother-tongue is Magyar – and we even use a special regional slang that expresses our lifestyle – but, as there has been a general interest in publishing it in English as well, we have to meet the demands, so here we go. Our band is a trio that plays international and Hungarian popular songs in a folkish style of Mediterranean atmosphere. Actually, it is our slang dictionary that presents a correct overview of our way of life but, due to linguistic drawbacks, we had to omit it from the English version. But, don't you ever worry, we have still other things to help you: you can read about our music, read about our band, watch our videos and photos, get info about our concert dates, and what's most important: listen to our songs, and spread the word anywhere you go. Chronic InterMagyar-addicts can also sign up for our mailing list. In case of any problem, write to us: intermagyar@freemail.hu

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